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joomla admin 001What is JOOMLA?


JOOMLA is a free Content Management System!


Which functions offers JOOMLA?


JOOMLA can do anything!

You may setup your own Online shop system, you may have a complete reservation or booking system for your hotel, appartemts or car - bike or boat rental.

In addition, JOOMLA is multilingual! Website operators with international customers will appreciate the multilingualism of this content management system.


You may download Joomla yourself on your web server and install it there.

But this will not be sufficiant to present an appealing and well structured website to your customers.

joomla manual 003You will need someone

  • to explain the multiple functions to you
  • to develop and install a design template for your
  • to setup the menu structure for you
  • to select additional function modules among thousands of options for your needs


And you will also need someone

  • to keep the complete system up to date
  • to install safety updates
  • to store safety backups of your content frequently.


In some cases you may want something extraordinary, so that a special plugin or module for your JOOMLA needs to be programmed.


We can do all these things for you! Our Webmaster Service will do all the technical work for you. You need to look only after your content, your text, your images, your videos, etc.


As described above JOOMLA is free! You only pay us for our work, not for the Content Management System! *


*) Some special modules like reservation systems, online shops, payment systems or similar components of third party companies might not be free of charge. 





our professional webdesigns are created assisted by modern designer software at your desires and needs. Our designs are individual and adapted for your purposes.



The key to international success is a multilingual webpage!

No problem for us! Almost all our web projects are multilingual, have a look at our references.



You need adapted individual forms for contact, reservations, applications, etc. ?

We will design any interactive form at your whish, that you might need. Even payment control trough paypal or directly through the form is possible.


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