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JW-Player-PluginPlugin for JOOMLA 2.5 and JOOMLA 3.X 

With this easy to use Joomla Plugin you can display your videos from JW-Video-Platform anywhere in your content or whithin any custom module.

If you use JW Platform for your videos, you need to include javascript to your Joomla content to display the videos. Unfortunately your editor will delete any script code.

The solution is a plugin that will include your video codes.



Install the downloaded file to your Joomla system using the Joomla extension installation component.


Enter your standard JW-Video-Player code and set the desired position of the videos to left, right or centered.

You may change these standard settings individually for each video when calling the plugin from your content.

Make sure to publish the plugin!


How to use

Call any video from content or from a custom module with this code:

{jwplayer video:="YOUR VIDEO CODE"}

Enter your video code which you will find in your JW-Video-Platform.

The complete videocode has this structure: videocode-playercode Example: ghjh645ghg8-76ghtdfU7

If you enter just the first part (videocode) your default video player code will be added automatically.

If you enter the complete code with player code, the default player will be overwritten for this video.

In case you need to overwrite the default position of a video you may do so by adding the optional parameter pos:="desired position", where desired position may be left, right or center 

{jwplayer video:="YOUR VIDEO CODE" pos:="right"} 




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