The Joomla plugin DAYCOUNTER is a software designed for Joomla 3.1.x and higher. Joomla versions below this level are not supported. In case you are still using an older version of Joomla it is about time to update. On request we can do this for you and bring your complete page up to date. Just contact us in case you need help.

This plugin can be used to count days from or until a certain date. This plugin can be used as simple countdown or as day counter for the duration of an event.

Supported JOOMLA versions:

Joomla 3.1.x JOOMLA 3.1.x
Joomla 4.x.x Joomla Version 4.x

Supported languages:


Installation of the plugin:

Use the Joomla installation functions to install this plugin.

Installation of Joomla plugin

Adjustments of the plugin:

First you should activate the plugin.

Daycounter plugin

The following adjustments are possible:

Adjustments Daycounter plugin

Choose the date until or from which you want to count. The default date is the catual date.

select date

Then select if you wnat to count until or from this date.

Plugin adjustment

If the count is set to until (countdown function),  "elapsed" will be displayed when the count is zero or negative.

Call the plugins in articles or modules:

There are thre different possible call of the plugin:

Option 1 - Standard call with the adjustments from the plugin: { DAYCOUNTER }

You must enter the code  without spaces before and after the brackets to make it work!
Example: Days since 01.01.2020 = 1185 days

To activate the DayCounter plugin for several counts to differnt dates you can use Option 2 + 3 (available in PRO only) 

Option 2 (PRO only) - Individual call as countdown passing the date within the code: { DAYSUNTIL date="[Date]" }

You must enter the code  without spaces before and after the brackets to make it work!
Example: Days until Christmas 2025 (24.12.2025) = 999 days

Option 3 (PRO only) - Individual call as counter since passing the date within the code: { DAYSSINCE date="[Date]" }

You must enter the code  without spaces before and after the brackets to make it work!
Example: Days since new year 2000 (01.01.2000) = 8490 days

Example: Since the beginning of the infection of patient ZERO in WuHan on 17.11.2019 the CORONA-Crisis is  already lasting 1230 days .

The plugin may be used in articles as well as within modules. IMPORTANT! In modules you must activate the option "prepair content", so the code will be prosessed and not just displayed.

Option prepare content in modules

Get the Joomla DayCounter Plugin now

JW-Player-PluginPlugin for JOOMLA 2.5 and JOOMLA 3.X 

With this easy to use Joomla Plugin you can display your videos from JW-Video-Platform anywhere in your content or whithin any custom module.

If you use JW Platform for your videos, you need to include javascript to your Joomla content to display the videos. Unfortunately your editor will delete any script code.

The solution is a plugin that will include your video codes.

MyPricesComponent for JoomlaMYPRICES Joomla Component & Plugin is an easy to use pricelist for service provider.

It has been developed for small service providers or shops like Dive Centres, Paragliding Schools and Tennis Centres. These service providers have pricelists of their services and rental prices.

To be able to refer to the prices in many locations in the content we have developed MYPRICES. Now all prices can be changed in one single component, and do not have to be edited in many different pages.


A very special feature of MYPRICES has been developed for our customers who are running several webpages with different domains in different languages. As designers of multilingual webpages we needed this feature urgently. It allows you to have your prices in ONE PAGE ONLY, so just one single change necessary. All other domains only need the plugin and will receive the prices from the one and only database. This "crosspage data access" is available only if you are running all domains on the same server.



After purchase you may download the component and plugin. They will come together in a UNZIP-FIRST.ZIP archive. Please unzip fisrt to seperate the component and the plugin.

Install both through your Joomla extension installation system.



The price for this software including updates for 12 months is 25 €



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